About Us

IFS Inc. is a family owned company located in West Chester, PA. Since 1988, we’ve been a provider of and sold thousands of oil-water separators, oil skimmers, and replacement filter media elements to our customers. Our company is equally focused on building long-lasting relationships with our customers by making sure we always supply our customers with the best product on the market to solve their problem. Honest and respect our internal company values that we take very important within the IFS Inc. team and our customers have come back to us over the years time and again because they know we’re always working to help them solve their problem one way or another first and foremost. With the combined experience on our sales team and our engineers, you can be assured that someone within IFS Inc. will always be able to help address any questions or problems you might be having that requires filtration or separation applications. We’d like to thank all of our current customers for the years of loyal support. For our new customers, we look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to work with you so you to help you solve your filtration and, or separation need. Thank you on behalf of everyone at IFS Inc!